Glenn Box and a group of Mudgee mates have gotten together to help struggling farmers in their local area feed their livestock, by starting the Facebook page 200BALES.

In just a couple of weeks, the guys are overwhelmed by the support of their community and are committed to helping as many families living on the land as they can!

200 Bales - Glenn Box Interview

by Ann-Maree Coyte | Monday Morning Forum


  1. Diana Rutter

    I have put my name down and am prepared to pay for my bales as I have sheep, cattle and alpacas. I know of a couple of people who are only on 100 acres and have already had two and I was asked if I could take a truck load and share with neighbours. I answered yes as we have a tractor to unload but I haven’t heard back and we are just about out of feed we have been giving them all less and less, but we have no more afternext week now. Can you please contact me.

  2. Diana Rutter

    I have 2000 acres

  3. Anonymous

    Diana Rutter is assisting with unloading and distribution in her local area.
    We appreciate your support and I am sure your neighbours will also Diana.
    Regards Glenn Box

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