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A little background information:

Mount Canobolas

Orange Community Broadcasters Inc. has been operating since 1998 from its premises at 77 Kite Street, Orange, with the transmitter located nearby on Mt Canobolas.

From its beginnings, the organisation has been totally reliant on its membership whom we encourage to volunteer in various operational roles vital to the running of the station, for example: the Committee of Management, its subcommittees or as program presenter.

A crucial financial contribution to the station is by our sponsors; these local businesses provide much appreciated and necessary funds. Another avenue of financial support is from entities such as the Community Broadcasting Fund, local government, private organisations and businesses, either via grants or donations. As a not-for profit organisation, all monies obtained go back into running the station.

Serving the community:

Because we are a community operated radio station, and not a commercial radio station, we are not bound by the same demands, such as audience ratings and other restrictions, and can cater to audiences not targeted by them.

Therefore, OCB Inc. is committed to providing locally produced programs with a local focus which are relevant, informative and entertaining. Also, the station has a unique broadcasting role informing and entertaining a diverse audience, such as the ethnic and minority groups in our community. The organisation’s goal is to foster greater social engagement and sense of community with easy public access and involvement.

Over the years, OCB Inc. has built a close relationship with its audiences through its timely and up-to-date emergency bulletins, ongoing service information and Community Service Announcements (CSAs). These CSAs are a free service available to local clubs and organisations and help to promote their latest events and information.

The members:

Our members come from a range of occupations and backgrounds; some are still attending secondary school or combining their input with higher education commitments. These members are all particularly welcome.

Members can volunteer as:

  • Committee of Management members, or subcommittee members involved with sponsorship, fund-raising, programming and training, and technical matters;
  • a program presenter (in the premises’ studios or at our Outside Broadcasts) after attending friendly training with a supervising mentor;
  • a fund-raiser helping out at our BBQs and other events;
  • and as part of the invaluable technical team who are given training and support in areas such as studio and Control Room equipment, expanding the digital Music Library and maintaining the Internet access and its services.
An Outside Broadcast at Peter Smith Chemmart

An Outside Broadcast at Peter Smith Chemmart

If you would like to become a member, and any of these areas of volunteer duties appeal to you, then visit Join Us.

For further information see also: Contact UsCommittee of Management, Our Studio, and Honour Roll.