Go on a world journey with Andy Parmenter and he has been everywhere . From his days as a cruising Dj on some of the biggest world tours. He spins the discs aboard the biggest cruises firm, rockin, dancing and thrilling the crowds with some high energy disco, funk, pop and rock and thats what he brings to Fm 1075.
An incredible knowledge of music and fun and whenever his brilliant energy is set alight he is the true entertainer and shares his wonders of his world enfused with his history of food where he has a chef and butler to the some of the world’s biggest music names including Elton John.
His ambition is to spin the discs at popular venues across our listening area and to showcase this music on our wonderful radio station.

Welcome Andy Parmenter to our family his enthusiasm, his superb knowledge of music and his fun attitude. Its a mix for must listening.