Barry Swain from Specialised Mortgage Solutions is a proud sponsor of FM 107.5 and will be setting sail on the Camp Quality esCarpade in October. This will be his 3rd year in a row raising much-needed funds for Aussie kids struggling with cancer. Barry talked to Ann-Maree on the Monday Morning Forum all about the upcoming trip.

The esCarpade is a weeklong, 2,600 kilometre car rally where the esCarpadian’s visit schools all across the country teaching kids about cancer. Last year the event raised a whopping $1.38 million for Camp Quality. Barry will be driving his pirate themed rally car alongside his youngest son Jesse, all dressed up of course to entertain the kids. 

To help raise money for the cause, Barry is selling a maximum of 250 raffle tickets for $10 each with a massive prize of $1,000 cash! To buy a ticket just pop into Specialised Mortgage Solutions at 205 Lords Place, Orange.

Barry Swain Interview

by Ann-Maree Coyte | Monday Morning Forum


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