Rick Hollingworth, one of the creators of the YourLink app spoke to Geoff Langdon during Friday Afternoons With Geoff about a must not miss event for seniors!

The event is “Be Connected for Seniors” and is taking place on Thursday the 27th of September at the Orange City Bowling Club. It’s free from 9.30am to 12.30pm, includes morning tea and is a great opportunity to be hands on and learn about smart devices, apps and the Be Connected Program.

Registrations are essential. Call 0448 160 238 or email info@yourlink.com.au.

The YourLink app was created right here in Orange and is now being used all over Australia. It is specifically designed for Seniors to help stay connected with family, friends, needed services and all the things the community likes to do. It’s a FREE download available at the iTunes store.

Rick Hollingworth Interview

by Geoff Langdon | Friday Afternoons With Geoff Langdon


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