The documentary film ‘Dying To Live‘ reveals that Australia lags behind similar countries in organ and tissue donor registration numbers, causing immense suffering for those awaiting organs, while other Australians inspire us with their compassionate, life-saving gift.

Deep beneath the complex world of transplantation in Australia are the heart-wrenching stories of real people awaiting life-saving organs. Why must they wait so long? Are changes in policy required – or shifts in perception? Can the problem be solved simply by signing the register and having a chat with our loved ones – or is the situation far more complex?

What does it take to support a family member running out of time as they await the generosity of strangers? How difficult is it to offer the death of a family member as a chance at life for others? And how much love and understanding does it take to make the compassionate decision to become a physical philanthropist?

The documentary’s co-producer and director Richard Todd, talked to Ann-Maree more about the film.

P.S. Tickets for the Orange premiere are available online here. They are $22 each, and the screening will be on the 12th of November at Odeon 5 cinemas from 6.30-8.30pm.

Richard Todd Interview

by Ann-Maree Coyte | Monday Morning Forum

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