National Volunteer Week

National Vol. Week notice



Technorama is an organization that provides support for education, professional and social interactions, and cross-deployment of skills and resources, within the community of technologists who support Community Broadcasting in Australia.  Each year they run an event (also called “Technorama”) which is a bit like a mini-conference, and a bit like a networking event.

This year’s event was called “TR18” and was attended by Mark Edwards and about 90 other people involved in community radio. It was hosted by 3ZZZ in Brunswick where we saw what a highly successful and financed station looked like.  The status of various projects were discussed, including various technology training initiatives, the NBN rollout, the “Station Blitz Project”, smarter studio design, and how to persuade CBF to make successful grants.  Updates were provided on the NBN rollout.  Interesting sessions were held on care and attention of antennas, fun and games with outside broadcasts, and trends in new technologies.

Around And About Orange

Vale Barry Burgess

It is with sincere regret that we have to announce that Barry Burgess, a former presenter and member, has recently passed away after extended ill-health.

Good Morning Country‘ Broadcast From Orange

Known for his loyal and huge following, Kevin Walsh‘s broadcasted his show, ‘Good Morning Country‘ on 9th and 10th April from our station. The Committee of Management much appreciated Kevin’s effort to travel to our region and many local listeners contacted the station to voice their approval and support.

Various local artists and interesting folk were interviewed on the show,  helping to raise the profile of the district’s talent and to inform a vastly bigger than usual audience on the area’s attractions and facilities.

Our local listeners were invited to attend the Orange Bowling Club to meet with Kevin and to share their enthusiasm for his show with the others present. With his professionalism and generosity evident Kevin represents the best that CBAA’s Community Radio Network has to offer.’

OCBC Outside Broadcasts

Orange City Bowling Club 28 October 2017


The Orange City Bowling Club’s Manager, Neil Southcombe, invited FM107.5 to provide an Outside Broadcast (OB) on the 28th October to celebrate their Friendship Open Day.

OBs take a lot of preparation; the equipment must be checked and packed away for transportation and volunteers rostered to do the set-up, monitoring and, of course, the actual broadcasting, but FM107.5 was delighted to receive the invitation.

So, while Club members enjoyed a free BBQ on the verandah, Matt Bryant and Ann-Maree Coyte provided the music and commentary from the comfort of an adjacent area.

Matt and Ann-Maree are seasoned OB presenters but they couldn’t have done it without the assistance of the Technical Team. The situation demands their constant vigilance as sound levels, the Internet connection and other broadcasting aspects required monitoring.

The OB featured lots of music, community event announcements, local news and interviews with a variety of the Club’s staff and members. Matt’s interview with the Club’s Chairman, David Ellis, was particularly entertaining and informative with his insights into OCBC’s operations, goals and challenges.

It was a tired but happy team that packed up the gear, returned it all to the radio station and finally headed home!

Happy At The Gladdy” Outside Broadcast, 1 October 2017

This social event on 1 October was a boisterous, happy affair thanks mainly to Patrick Cost-Chretien’s planning, effort and enthusiasm. Patrick also provided his electronic gadgetry to enhance the family-friendly atmosphere as FM107.5 presenters played their favourite music tracks.

The historical Gladstone Hotel displays many old interesting farming items, so with its helpful staff, it made it the perfect venue to enjoy the constant music and buffet foods provided.

The successful evening was a chance for the the station’s sponsors and their partners, and supporters of the station, to chat and mingle with FM107.5’s members, which included its presenters, the Committee of Management members and some of the Technical Team.