Mark Edwards

Mark is a member of the Technical Team and has been involved in radio-communication matters since the 1970’s. He was a trainee and then a Senior Technical Officer with the Post Master General’s Department. He spent four marvellous years in Papua New Guinea assisting their Department of Public Utilities in planning use of the radio spectrum by all types of radio services, and had great fun also learning about avoiding “puk puks” (alligators).

He assisted in the planning of Australia’s first satellite system (Aussat) and attended many international conferences that decided how the radio spectrum is “carved up” into slices for use by radio services. Along the way he picked up a whole variety of computer programming languages and a smattering of the Internet.

Mark, and his sister Lynn, are presently involved in learning “WordPress” and engaged in improving our web site facilities.

If you have “WordPress” and/or web site design skills, Mark would welcome you becoming an OCB member and assisting in this project.