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Justin Landers's new single 'My Old Man'

Justin Landers’ New Single

Local musician Justin Landers joined Rick Nash on Ricks Music Mix to talk about his latest single, 'My old Man' a song Justin wrote for his Dad’s 70th Birthday. They also talked about how busy he is, gigging every weekend. Justin is working on new music for his next...

Hayley Jensen’s New Single “This Love”

Geoff Langdon recently had the opportunity to chat with country music favourite, Hayley Jensen about her new single "This Love" from her album, "Turning Up The Dial". They talked about co-writing the song as well as Hayley's experience working in the U.K. at the...

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Riley Catherall’s Debut EP

Riley Catherall has just released his debut EP, ‘Venture in Vain’. With ‘Watered Down Man’ and ‘Robin’ already released as singles and receiving attention across Australia, the EP further demonstrates Catherall’s penchant for raw, soulful storytelling. The 6-track...

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Kerry Jane Nethery & Becci Nethery

2018 TSA (Tamworth Songwriters Association) Open/Contemporary winner, Becci Nethery joined Rick Nash on Rick's Music Mix to talk about her time in the music industry and what she's been up to. Rick also talked to Becci's manager Kerry Jane and found out a bit more...

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Matt Sneddon From Eight Second Ride

Eight Second Ride has hit the scene in Australia making waves and turning heads with their new sound and energetic show. These guys are the real deal and bring that big Nashville sound to their audience, delivering a true spine-tingling performance. With original...

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Jason Owen’s New Single ‘Better Than That’

Central West favourite Jason Owen has released a new single 'Better Than That' now available on iTunes, Spotify and all music platforms. Jason recently talked to Ann-Maree during Monday Morning Forum about the new single....much more new music to come, returning to...

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Mike McColl Goes LIVE From FM107.5

A first for FM107.5 The Local Station…and a first for many, many years since the old days of ABC radio, our Orange studios will be the home of the hugely popular, nationally broadcast programme, 'The Mike McColl Show' as of this Saturday and will be heard all over...

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