Chris Gue

“Friday Afternoon”

On alternate Fridays between 4 and 5pm you’ll find Chris presenting Friday Afternoon. So, when Chris’s voice isn’t on the air-waves you’ll enjoy the company of the show’s other presenter, Patrick Cost-Chretien. A while back now, Patrick asked Chris to briefly cover for him on his other show, Ghostrider, on Tuesdays. It went so well Chris was invited to be Patrick’s alternate presenter.

Chris’s musical taste evolved from his high-school years. So that’s how we get to hear Chris’s musical preferences: anything that isn’t in the current Top 40 list; in other words, artists and their music that’s not main stream and so may not get a lot of air-play. Both presenters enjoy each other’s company, which is just as well as they both work for the Manildra Flour Mills!

With a sparkle in his eyes and a delightful, sometimes mischievous manner, Chris brings a little exotica to FM107.5 as he was born in France and then arrived in Australia when he was nine-years-old. These days Chris lives in Manildra with his wife and daughter, and the family dog, enjoying their company and home-life. When he isn’t working, or travelling to Orange to present Friday Afternoon, Chris likes to ride his bike to keep fit. (Anyone who knows Chris can verify that he is fitter than he likes to admit!)