Chuck Frame

“The Sounds of Scotland”

Chuck says:

“Most people know me as Chuck Frame, though my full name is Ronald Leslie Frame. It’s said that I became ‘Chuck’ when I was a baby because I was always chuckling!

“My first attempt as a presenter was in 2013 for two hours on Friday afternoons with a programme titled The 3 Degrees which was sponsored by a local branch of the Masonic Lodge (Lodge Ophir). 

“The programme provided snippets of news on local masonic activities and was supported by music and items of interest from the ’50s and ’60s. I had a co-presenter, John Ferguson, who passed away. (I can now say our presentation was very amateurish and we made lots of mistakes and lots of dead air!)

“We moved on and changed to a Monday show at 2 pm for one hour with the same theme but changed the name of it to the Masonic Hour. I enjoy the time on-air with the show’s cross-section of music, Australian humorous verse, and the intermingled masonic news and gossip.

“Then, late in 2016  at the request of our then President, I commenced a programme on Wednesdays at 5 pm titled, The Sounds of Scotland, to balance the programme Gerry Faulkner presents on Mondays called Ireland Down Under.

“With my strong Scottish background this programme fits right in with my love of Scottish music, and I get a real buzz out of sourcing and playing  Scottish music, from the Pipes & Drums, to classic and traditional Celtic songs passed down from all parts of the Scottish Isles.”