Jeff Rogers

“Jeff’s Adult Contemporary Show”

Jeff joined the station in May 2018. He says:

“Most of my adult life has been spent in some way being directly involved with, or attached to, the mainstream media.

“During the early 1980’s I worked in commercial radio in Sydney at Triple M. Then later on I started my own company that principally created, staged and broadcast sports events designed for television.

I had a very close relationship with producers at Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports and with Pay TV when it commenced in Australia with Fox Sports. For a limited time I was also involved in music festivals, farming and a hotel.

“I am happily married with two adult children, and these days, also retired but because I have a strong interest in education, I have nearly completed my third degree at university.

“After completing my presenter training I am also pleased to have joined the on-air team at 107.5 FM in Orange with my show, Jeff’s Adult Contemporary Show, on Tuesdays between 2pm and 5pm.”