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The O.B. crew from FM107.5 had a ball waking up at sunrise to be in Roberston Park and being part of Prime 7’s Sunrise event yesterday morning with Sam Mac and the weather team! (We did have lots of coffee and tea though)!
We loved meeting and talking to all of the beautiful locals who were there, all part of the Orange community and who make it such a special place that all of Australia should come and see!

“Thank so much to Channel 7 for featuring Orange in their Australia A to Z segment. It was an amazing experience to show case what Orange has to offer. They asked us to show them what we had and we brought our A game (or our O game as the case may be). Showing off the infamous Orange Apples, starting the morning with the *pop* of a local award winning sparkling wine, free brekkie provided by the amazing Canobolas Lions Club, live entertainment from local talents Sebastian Jones and Darren Smith and of course the general community spirit, we certainly set the standard. Thanks again to Channel 7 and their fabulous weather team, to Orange 360 who stole the show and to everyone who turned up or tuned in it was an amazing morning with beautiful sunrises on both sides of the camera!”

– Liv Field.

Live Interviews

We did more than a dozen live crosses to Matt Bryant and Cody Bryant who were both up before sunrise too, and to all of you who enthusiastically joined in – we thank you!

Some Photos From The Event