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Technical Team

Meet the FM107.5 Technical Team for 2017-2018!

Andrew McKenzie has been a team leader for a number of years, but unfortunately has had to give this up due to health concerns in 2017.  His wry comments and excellent help will be missed.

Technical Activities 2017-2018

Where to start?  The team has added all sorts of hardware and software so that FM107.5 is becoming a multi-media station.

Control Room

The photo above shows our reconstructed Control Room.  The rack is starting to burst at the seams (again), but at least we don’t trip over the cables as much as before, and we have a bit more storage space.

What isn’t obvious is that most of our equipment has had to be replaced due to it wearing out, or not being able to handle our requirements.  We are indebted to the Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd (CBF) who has financed the purchase of a lot of the new equipment and software.

Most of our equipment has been networked so that we can make changes from locations remote from the studio. Indeed, Steve Centofanti has carried out a considerable amount of software upgrades remotely from his home in Brisbane!

Facebook Page

Considerable work was carried out by Ann-Maree Coyte to create our Facebook page so that it is now a colourful and useful source of information about Orange, our programs, interesting tidbits about music and the arts etc.

Program Streaming

Steve Centofanti has spent many hours installing program streaming software so that you can listen to our programs live on air via the Internet.  This has involved installing additional high quality sound cards on a PC, and adding software alarms so that we are alerted to program loss.

Programme Guide

Updating of the Programme Guide is an important task, and Cody Bryant has been a great help in this regard, notwithstanding his studies.  The Guide is needed for this site and by streaming software which displays music titles and artist names.

Computer and Associated Hardware

Many of our computers needed upgrading or replacement, and this entailed the outstanding work by Steve Centofanti and James Collins to set up and link new hardware and software.

Upgrades to the telephone system now allows multiple listeners to call in and talk to a presenter on our phone number 02 6311 1801.

Technical Activities 2015-2016

In the 2015-2016 Year the team carried out an extraordinary amount of work, including but not limited to:

  • fitting out the new John Garnsey Memorial Studio with all necessary equipment, including a new console;
  • rebuilding the Control Room with a new mobile equipment rack and adding  cables linking the room to each studio – this was a huge job;
  • replacing the sound-proofing on the walls of both studios;
  • upgrading the telephone system;
  • supervising upgrades to the studios’ electrical system to support a much heavier load;
  • supervising the installation of air-conditioners in the lobby and JGM studio;
  • installing new CD players;
  • planning improvements to our web site; and
  • setting up Outside Broadcasting (OB) equipment and conducting two OB events.

Below is a photo of the old Control Room in 2015, complete with a new rack and a rat’s nest of cables.

Internet and Web Site Facilities

A modern-day broadcasting station uses and produces a vast amount of electronic data.  During the 2015- 2016 period the Technical Team volunteers were heavily engaged in adding and/or improving our Internet facilities.  This involved tripling the number of computers, running “Cat5” cables everywhere including climbing into the roof space, and setting up a web site.

New software was added to manage our vastly expanded music collection, for putting our programs to air by our presenters and automatically from a CBAA satellite link and from our music collection.

FM107.5 Transmitter

We are very grateful to David Cresswell and to Warwick Ford and his company’s staff for keeping an eye on, and maintaining, our transmitter on Mount Canobolas.