Self-published author John H Payne has put together an amazing book ‘Their Last Ride – The Fallen Jockeys of Australia’. It’s a wonderful memorial to jockeys who have lost their lives during the course of racing.

John has been researching and writing the book for the past 8 years, and it is now ready to purchase. It’s available at Collins Booksellers Orange, and Books Plus (ABC centre) Bathurst or via the website.

John talked to Ann-Maree all about the new book on Monday Morning Forum.

P.S. Should anyone in Orange want to purchase the book, visit Collins, or contact John directly on 0458 489 012 to save the “postage” fee of $13.80 which is automatically added on when purchased via the website. He will see the book is delivered in Orange, personally if it’s ordered directly through himself.

John H Payne Interview

by Ann-Maree Coyte | Monday Morning Forum


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