Why join us as a sponsor?

Right now FM107.5 has unbeatable summer deals on sponsorship packages! We are offering up to 50% off our normal prices – Don’t miss out as these deals are only available until the end of March 2021. CALL US NOW ON 02 7202 9455 FOR FURTHER DETAILS!

Our sponsors are crucial and valued contributors to FM107.5, they play a major role in the station’s existence! Becoming a sponsor is easy and there are many advantages to promoting your business with us at FM107.5.


What’s taken care of for me?

  • Spread the word about your business with effective, inexpensive and professional ‘spots’
  • Create the text for your promotion, edit and record it professionally for a small fee
  • Convert and edit (if necessary) your existing text and/or recording to comply with our broadcasting conditions
  • Alter the wording promptly in your sponsorship ‘spot’ for a special promotion, event or change in business details, such as a new business address;
  • Subject to availability, align your business to one, or more, hourly reports for example: news, sport and/or weather (This service is very popular and worthwhile)

Our sponsorship packages are:

  1. Flexible
  2. Generous
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy to understand

Interested in joining FM107.5 soon?

Contact us to have your business quickly on-air and getting the exposure it deserves!

Our valued sponsors:

Orange Motor Group

12/14 Gateway Cres,
Orange NSW 2800

Inland Digital

2/9 Gateway Cres,
Orange NSW 2800

Regency Jewellers

168 Summer St,
Orange NSW 2800

Everly Jewellers

190 Anson St,
Orange NSW 2800

Mullion Produce

3 Edward St,
Orange NSW 2800

Connect Hearing

130-132 Summer St,
Orange NSW 2800

NG Thomas Law

296 Summer St,
Orange NSW 2800

Pro1 Tyres

225 McLachlan St,
Orange NSW 2800